🛣️Roadmap Schedule

Phase 1: Go for Launch(pad)

  • Establishment of the Basedpad Launchpad and token staking feature.

  • Invitations extended to founders, builders, artists, and pioneers within the Ordinals space to join our innovative ecosystem.

  • Community engagement and collaboration initiatives launched to foster a thriving ecosystem.

Phase 2: OrdiArt Airdrops & Community Expansion

  • The launch of the Basedpad OrdiArt project

  • Commencement of the first stage of community expansion

  • Token-gated channels go live on the Basedpad Discord Server

Phase 3: Basedpad Annual Retreat & Accelerator Program

  • Invites go out to all BASED holders for the first annual Basedpad retreat.

  • Formation of the Basedpad Accelerator, a mentorship program dedicated to empowering builders and developers across Bitcoin protocols.

  • Exclusive Basedpad materials and documents designed to enhance project development are made accessible to BASED holders.

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